Social Media & PR

In my strategic message design class Professor Alyson Moses discussed how to use social media for campaigns.  She stated that determining the appropriate platform(s) to use and how they can work together to create a unified look and message are critical for a campaigns success.

Recently while checking my tweeter feed I came across a tweet that lead me to the article titled, Here’s How to Unlock The PR Value of Integrated Communications by Matthew Schwartz.  In the article Lia LoBello, a management supervisor at Peppercomm, expresses the importance of using the appropriate social channel for PR:

“You need to take a hard look at all of the social channels. Using Instagram may require a different approach than Facebook or Twitter, for example. You have to match each social channel, if it’s appropriate for the campaign, with the ultimate goals of the client.”

Tweet of the Day

Priya Chopra @1milk2sugarsPR, “So true! RT: @PRNews In helping to create integrated-marketing plans, PR agencies need to take a dive in social media”

What is PR?

Public Relations:
According to PRSA the definition of public relations is, a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public’s.”

The Connection

Maybe it’s just because I’m a strategic communication major but I found this article to be very interesting.  It brought to my attention how social media platforms are quickly on the rise to becoming additional channels that PR agencies can use to facilitate the relationship their clients have with the public.  Check it out (it’s a short article so it won’t take long to read!)


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