Three Ways to Make Your Internship a Success

This summer I began an internship at Robert Rothschild Farm. My internship was initially for ninety days beginning in June and ending in August. During my administrative internship in the sales department my responsibilities included but were not limited to: taking sales calls, running sales reports, creating excel spreadsheets and providing support to sales managers, reps and coordinators. I also reported to the Director of Research and Development, working in the lab I assisted the director with daily projects and data entry. In August as my internship was coming to a close I was fortunate enough to be hired on as a permanent employee. My title changed from intern to Assistant Sales Coordinator and I continue to provide data entry and sales support to my directors. Below are three tips on how to make your internship successful for you and your employer.

1. Be Flexible
From day one I had many responsibilities because my position was a dual internship meaning that I reported to two different departments depending on where I was needed each day. Working in two departments meant that I needed to be flexible, open to schedule changes at the last minute and capable of handling large workloads. Being open to changes is an important characteristic to adopt if it does not already come natural to you. The corporate work environment is ever changing and in order to succeed you must be flexible and willing to accept any and all changes that come your way.

2. Be a Quick Learner
Prior to my internship I had little experience working with Microsoft Excel. In the sales department I was given a crash course and after that I learned through trial and error. Being a quick learner is also very important to your success as an intern whether tackling new projects, working with new software or simply learning the ropes. The quicker you learn the skills needed for the job the more valuable you become.

3. Be Proactive and Productive
A proactive work ethic never goes unnoticed in the work place. Taking the initiative to work independently when appropriate is a great way to show your co-workers that you are a responsible and hard working individual. Working productively is also important because the faster you finish one project the quicker you will be assigned another and another. Working proactively and productively leads to more responsibilities and more responsibilities lead to more experience gained.

An internship is a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable work experience. By being flexible, a quick learner and a proactive and productive employee you will maximize your internship experience. Below is a link to a post I found on the website PR Daily that provides 50 tips on how to make an internship successful. I found numbers 19, 20, 23 and 30 to be very effective during my internship.


2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Make Your Internship a Success

  1. I think these tips are totally right. I had a interview for the Union Market in August, I noticed that the more flexible my class schedule is, the more chance I can get interview and the job. During my interview, I noticed that the interviewer made notes when I told her that I am a quick learner. I think this is also important at work because cooks and managers hoped we can learn as fast as we can (there is only three training shifts). Thanks for sharing!

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