So…what’s in the news?

My geology professor would begin each class by asking a random student “So…what’s in the news?”  Out of fear that I would get called on and not know what was going on in the world I started listening to NPR on my drive to school everyday.

How I Get My News

  • Radio-today I’m still listening to NPR during my daily commutes to work and school
  • Total listening time per week- three to six hours

How I Assume My Peers Get Their News

  • Social Media- Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • News websites- NBC, FOX, CNN, ABC, etc.

What the Data Shows

Leading consultants McKinsey and Company, conducted a study in which they measured actual time spent using various mediums for news consumption in the U.S.  As the graph shows the time spent using digital platforms for news consumption is around eight percent. Radio and other audio are twice that at a combined 16 percent.  To break it down even further smart phones and tablets only account two percent of time spent consuming news.

Possible Explanations and Critiques 

  • It takes longer to listen to or watch an audio news program than it does to skim through an online news article.
  • Personally I read less if I’m reading on my phone and more if I have a printed copy. The same could be said for why people spend less time reading the news on their smart phones and tablets and more time reading newspapers and magazines.
  • Content is reduced online.
  • Who is consuming the news is also a major contributing factor not taken into consideration with this study.

What is your preferred news medium?

How much time do you spend consuming the news?


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