Brand Updates: The How To

I’m still semi-stuck on Branding!!

Has anyone noticed the new Wendy’s logo?  I don’t even eat fast food and I noticed it right away.  Brand updates are a great way to bring new energy into an existing brand and Wendy’s was not the only company to do so this year.

2013 Brand Updates

  • Wendy’s
  • The Miami Dolphins
  • Yahoo
  • EBay


         1983-2013                                   2013

This morning I was discussing Wendy’s recent brand update with a co-worker and the conversation compelled me to explore the topic a little further.  I came across an article detailing nine ways to make a brand update a success.  The article and the list are something to take into consideration since you never know what kind of projects you will be involved in at your future job! I know I have heard the topic of brand updating more than once around my office.

Time to Reboot Your Brand? Here’s How

By:  Mark McNeilly

  1. Tie the update to real change
  2. Nail the “right time”
  3. Build on brand equities you own—in the customer’s mind
  4. Less really is more
  5. Don’t try to be trendy
  6. Provide an “Easter Egg” but only if it’s meaningful
  7. Test in the context
  8. Be able to explain it
  9. Judge success by how it supports your objectives long term

My Favorites

1. Nail the “right time”

  • Appropriate timing can make all the difference

2. Less really is more

  • We live in an ad cluttered environment, keeping it simple is the way to go!

3. Don’t try to be trendy

  • Updates should be simple and able to transcend time

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