Coupon Crazy

I love getting coupons in the mail especially when they are of the free product variety! My most recent freebie was a 12 oz. bottle of Bath and Body Works shower gel…score! I’m not an extreme couponer by any means I just like saving money and I find coupons to be a very effective sales promotion technique.  I receive coupons in the mail, through email and most recently through apps on my phone. Store apps are a convenient way to save money and are hassle free.  Store apps let you browse store specials and save coupons on your phone to use during checkout.  I still love getting coupons in the mail and through email but store apps have helped me to keep track of store specials and coupons without all the clutter.

Confession time, now there are coupons that do entice me to buy things that are not necessities for instance Dick’s Sporting Goods is always sending me $10 off coupons.  So, even if I do not need anything at Dick’s by receiving a coupon in the mail I will most certainly go to the store and find something to buy…very effective.


Check out the hyperlinks below and see how you can save yourself money on everyday items.

Store Apps for Discounts:


One thought on “Coupon Crazy

  1. I have never been a coupon shopper, but I get these kinds of promotions all the time. At first I thought they were annoying, but I soon realized all the notifications on my phone were well worth it. I try to only use these promotions when I need an item, but like you I find myself finding something to buy every time!

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