Buzz Word: Prankvertising!

As the old saying goes you learn something new every day.  Do you want to know what I learned today?  Here is a hint; it has to do with advertising trends.  Alright, so I may have given myself away with the title…Buzz Word: Prankvertising!

A friend of mine and I were talking about what our favorite communication classes have been and when I mentioned that mine were advertising classes she then asked, “Oh my gosh what do you think about prankvertising?”  I responded with “What are you talking about?”

Until this conversation I had not heard of prankvertising which is apparently the lasted and greatest way to grab an audience’s attention.

So what is Prankvertising?

It is an advertising strategy that makes its point by tricking, scaring or pranking an unsuspecting person or audience.  Marketers are promoting this new form of advertising because they believe that content creation is the best way to get and keep a brand in front of consumers online.  It has become increasingly difficult to capture an audience’s attention.  This innovative and sensational technique is staying  in the minds of consumers long after they have watched the video in a way that informational content ads do not.

More Scares Just in time for Halloween!


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